Who are we?

SLACK TIDE FILMS - a lean and adaptable team that meets at the intersection of authentic commercial and documentary storytelling. 


Creativity comes out of limitations, and filmmaking is problem solving - put two and two together and you'll find that the best work comes out of the biggest challenges. 

Our love for storytelling comes from the hearing the origin stories of the folks and brands we meet along the way. Our job is to pull on that thread until a clearer picture emerges. 

Your brand's story is the curious looking rock. Interesting, but we're not quite sure why. Throughout our time working together, that rock is polished and sanded down to reveal the compelling stone that waited beneath the surface. 

Some methods are unconventional, we'll laugh together. We'll cry together - and at the end of the day you'll know your brand even better than you did before.

Selected Clients:

Spotify, Google, Qualcomm, Ritz-Carlton, Mozilla Firefox, Quiksilver, Pacifico, Ted Baker, Lifestraw, Triumph Motorcycles, Casa Dragones, Todd Snyder.

In Residency: 

Studio Faire, France - 2023

Gallery Shows:

San Diego Design Week - 2022

Film Festivals:

Wild & Scenic Film Festival, CA - 2023

Durango International Film Festival, CO - 2023

Lyon International Film Festival, CO - 2023

Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan - 2022

Seoul International Film Festival, South Korea - 2023

Toronto Indie Filmmaker Festival, Canada - 2022

Farhang Foundation International Film Festival, Iran - 2021

Lift Off Paris Film Festival, France - 2021


Forbes, Men's Journal, Blue.